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My first attempt at making a cartoon. Perhaps better titled as “The Cartoon by the Guy Who Can’t Draw.”

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Run, John run, the law commands
But gives us neither feet nor hands,
Far better news the Gospel brings:
It bids us fly and gives us wings.
John Bunyan
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'I'm sorry, but…' a worthless phrase
Replacing truth with cheap cliches.
Why not admit and take the fall?
Or confess you aren’t sorry at all.
Joseph Bonifacio (a lesson learned from 18 months of marriage)
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How to Be a Leader

The only way to learn how to lead is to lead. If you want to learn, look for opportunities to lead by serving. If you want others to learn, give them opportunities to lead by serving.

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Marriage is like building a house with no fire exit. You better put out the fires (temptations) before they even start.
Tata, my maternal grandfather, Felix Q. Antonio (Supreme Court Justice, Solicitor General 1970-1972)
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Leslie Nielsen R.I.P.

  1. From Airplane
  2. Nielsen: We've got to land as soon as we can. This woman has to be gotten to a hospital.
  3. Dickinson: A hospital? What is it?
  4. Nielsen: A big building with patients. But that's not important right now.
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Given that there is a god, how can you be sure that that is the "Christian" god?
Anonymous asked

I have many personal reasons for this:

1. Nothing I’ve ever read, studied or experienced has sufficiently contradicted the truth of the Bible enough for me to disbelieve it. Granted there are times when the Bible looks wrong, but with further study and scrutiny one finds either that the contradicting statement isn’t as infallible as it claims or that the seeming contradiction comes from an error in understanding the Bible’s claims. 

2. I cannot deny the proof in the changes in the lives of people I know who have put their trust in Jesus and have been changed by Him. My wife is probably the most powerful example to me. I can’t deny what I see in her.

3. I can’t deny the change that has happened in me and continues to happen every day. To explain it to you sufficiently would be impossible. I can attempt to tell you enough about it to tempt you to consider its truth, but it is an irreplaceable experience. You’ll only really know it if you try. Besides, if it’s not true, what do you have to lose? And if it IS true, what wonders would you find inside? 

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who is you wedding coordinator?
Anonymous asked

Teena Barretto from hitched weddings

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ive finished all the joshua harris books. can you recommend a title to read next? thnks
delchbac asked

The Bible?

What else are you in to?

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If you could master one skill what would it be?
Anonymous asked

The ability to master any skill